AGE: 600 minecraft years

HEIGHT: between 6'1 or 6'2

WEIGHT: 950 lbs


Herobrine is a mythical creepypasta character that haunts the world of Minecraft. He is a ghost, and is the dead brother of Minecraft creator, Notch. He constantly battles Steve?, the hero of Minecraft. Herobrine does not exist in real life, and there are no plans to include him in the actual game.

PsyInsti's Bio (Vs. Slender Man)Edit

Dan: Herobrine is the brother of Notch, creator of Minecraft-

Lacie: I love that game! Steve’s so cute…

Anyway, Herobrine is no longer with Notch and now haunts the world of Minecraft with malevolent intent. He typically builds sandstone pyramids, long 2x2 tunnels, and places redstone torches around.

Lacie: Plus, he can shave trees. STOP THE TREE ABUSE! It’s terrible!

Dan: Not only that, but Herobrine wields both a Diamond Pickaxe and Diamond Sword. Multiple times stronger than iron, diamond is a very strong material in Minecraft and an effective tool.

Lacie: That’s not all at all! He has multiple supernatural abilities-he can teleport people to him and him to people, control chickens to attack people, and can even call down bolts of lightning!

Dan: And, of course, he can create fires and throw down TNT. He is based on Slender Man, after all.

Lacie: Really?

Dan: No eyes, pyrokinesis, teleportation…

Lacie: Fine, whatever. Herobrine is a powerful foe for any Minecrafter, and the strongest foe in Minecraft. His meme status has brought about new powers for him, and his legacy spreads further every day.

Dan: Wait, if he has no eyes, how does he see?

Lacie: ...


(Notch: “I did, but he is no longer with us.”)

Death Battle Victories (HEAVY SPOILERS)Edit

Vs. Slender Man - Loss