Zacmariozero is a Death Battle writer who has had one of the roughest starts of any writer; However, he improved greatly with Fulgore VS Zero, which indroduced the hosts of Zac and Killer. In Bane VS Venom, a new host was added, who was Mr. Krabs, of Spongebob Squarepants fame.


Fulgore VS Zero

Freddy Krueger VS Slade

Goku VS Thor

Wario VS Bowser

Bane VS Venom

Dig Dug VS Drill Man

Donkey Kong VS Knuckles, a rewrite of one of his older battles

Shrek VS Patrick Star

Army-Dillo VS Napalm Man

Super Mario VS Starfire

Mega Man 1 Robot Masters Battle Royal

Taz VS Crash

Robocop VS Sentinel

Yoshi VS Pac-Man

Tails VS Proto Man

Wario VS Blackfire

Little Mac VS Hard Man

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